2016 special classes school year before the election Bachelor Admissions

2016 special classes school year before the election Bachelor Admissions

The department in the academic year 105 special classes for the first time before the election to handle enrollment Bachelor, detailed enrollment regulations, please read the attached file 1: brochures.

Choose to focus on are described as follows:
First, enrollment 3 (Law group 1, group a judicial, financial law group 1):
1, candidates should volunteer groups optional order, not optional persons not admitted, the order shall not be required to change the volunteer after registration.
2, the candidates according to the level of the total score and the voluntary order to distribute admission, after admission shall not change groups. Merit, but it could not be admitted in full.
3, shall not apply for transfer admission system was born during school.

Second, Qualifications, please read the brochures, “Shi Wu, Department of sub-rule" on page 9.

Third, payable applicants Information:
In addition to eligibility requirements apply, outside the seizure of documents should, still need to have the following information:
1, in line with the qualification of the academic photocopy documents.
2, high school (grades) in the original school transcripts (including class or group or class ranking senior certificate).
3, personal information form (see under these lines written in the prescribed format, please download attached files written in the format 2).
4, autobiography: containing personal learning and growth process, motivation and career planning application, 3,000 words, with computer typing (limited to 14 characters), limited to Chinese writing (refer to attached file 3 format writing).
5. Other advantageous application information, such as special outstanding performance, experience or honor the achievements of other documents.
? All applicants information, please ready triplicate, within the deadline specified in the post.

Fourth, the project before the election and the proportion accounted for points
1, written examination 50%: Following a review of compliance with the qualification who may only participate in writing the review.
2, Interview 50%
(1) according to the written examination achievement, merit-based interview. In Chinese and English bilingual interview to have excellent English proficiency assessment performance.
(2) the interview date was 104 on December 23 ? (??), report time is 20 minutes before the interview, report location for the Law Department of the University College of Law campus building of the Three Gorges.
(3) interview list, screenings and related matters in 104 years Dec. 14 announcement in Law Department of this page, please consult the Internet on their own.
(4) The day of the interview must bring proof of identity handle report.

Accessories Downloads: 105 school year before the election of special brochures
Download the attachment: Special admissions before the election: personal information form
Accessories Downloads: special election before enrollment: Autobiography (fill in examples)

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