2015 joint annual nine school achievement test

2015 joint annual nine school achievement test

Fellow students and graduate faculty-friendly:

Taipei University Law School will be held December 12 104 joint annual nine school achievement test (simulation national test to try)!
This event is to simulate multiple-choice exam mode detector to acceptance of his many years of learning outcomes.
Related content and Registration described below, invite fellow students to participate. Registration URL: Click here to go on-line registration system
First, the test mode
The multiple-choice exam to test only.

Second, the Qualifications
(A) The department Bachelor classes three, four senior students and the extension of life (including double minor students)
(B) The Department of refresher courses Bachelor of four or five senior students and the extension of life (including double minor students)
(C) The Department of master and doctoral
(D) hospital graduation residents (including double minor students)

Third, the date of registration:
During network registration: 104 years on October 8 (d) through October 20 (b) stop
Margin pay period:
(A) On-site payment: October 26 (a) to October 30 (e) 12:00 – 13:00
(B) bags of cash contributions: until October 30 (e) deadline (postmarked).

Fourth, Registration
Mining site registration or registration by mail, but whatever way the registration, please fill out the online registration system after then pay the deposit.
The difference was only in the registration fee paid and the manner ticket collection.
(A) On-site registration of the process:
1. 10 / 8-10 / 20 to fill in the Faculty of Law Department web page “Taipei University Law School 104 school year nine joint achievement test (simulation national exam to try)."
2.10 / 26-10 / 30 12:00 – 13:00 to law 6F13 conference room to pay 1000 yuan deposit and receive a ticket.
3. Any payment site himself, but agent registration, please confirm in advance all the candidates registration information.

(B) the mailing of registration process:
1. 10 / 8-10 / 20 to fill in the Faculty of Law Department web page “Taipei University School of Law 104 annual national exam simulation network registration system."
2. cash deposit bag way will be mailed to 1000 yuan law school. Later to be sent on October 30 (postmarked).
Recipient: Ye Jialing assistant (mock exams margin)
Write Address: 23741 Number Three Gorges University Avenue District, New Taipei City 151 National Taipei University School of Law
From: Please fill in the name of the sender to verify registration information to avoid registration failure
3. After sending cash bags, set (1) Application Name (2) Contact Phone (3) Cash bags Post date, E-mail to law school lawsch@mail.ntpu.edu.tw.
Please always use the thrust of the letter “Confirmation analog national exam registration status -XXX (name)" in order to avoid missing a letter. Court will reply whether the notification received cash bags and registration is successful.
The first day of the examination date after the 8:30 service center to receive ticket to try, try Service Centre location will be announced venue on the hospital’s website.

(C) margin:
1. The deposit of 1,000 yuan.
2. If violated the exam rules, or any branch absent, late admission of the case shall not cause, all will confiscate the deposit. Deposit forfeiture will not be named in the form of donations, the donations to “conduct simulated national examinations" special account, to be held next year for the national exam simulation purposes, without prior opened receipt.
3. refund date: 12/12 (time will vary depending on whether the increase in test after test subjects selected line bulletin).
4. The refund methods: limit himself to return the day after the last section of the exam is over, personally carry their ID ? need to cover the full test Chapter ? and photo identity document to a refund of the site, refund the security procedures. Refund location will be announced the same day. A refundable security deposit will not be accepted to another agent.
(D) 1. Fill in the registration system network +2. To pay the margin is completed, the above procedures are completed successfully start registration, otherwise unable to participate in the exam.

Fifth, test dates and schedule: 104 years Dec. 12 (f), the schedule please see ticket.

Six test sites: the Three Gorges school campus, examination tables seating position and will be completed before the end of November to the page announcement faculties.

Seven results announced Date: published on the Department’s website a week after the exam, your exam Zheyi ticket number query.

VIII. Other considerations
(A) A candidate Please note that this quiz is multiple choice, you can not see any information.
(B) the questions are all the questions teachers all copyright Failing written consent of print, photocopy, disk, camera, any reproduction of way video, sound recording, the reproduction of part or all of the contents of the exam, otherwise strictly according to law studies.
The questions do not agree cram exam content industry consolidation as its materials. Questions must be returned with the volume, is prohibited to carry out the examination room.
(C) the matters aforesaid publication by the hospital’s website, the exam will be announced in a week.
(D) Examination rules relating to the matters subject to any changes, please prevail contained in the law school’s website.
(E) If you have any questions, please contact according to the following ways:
Law School-mail: lawsch@mail.ntpu.edu.tw
Tel: (02) 8674-1111 # 67655

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