The Center for Labor and Employment Law affiliates with the Department of Law at the National Taipei University. It was established under the “National Taipei University Rules of Establishing Legal Studies Centers of Department of Law.”


The Center for Labor and Employment Law, mainly focus on labor law and related issues, was launched by recognizing the flourishing development of modern labor law and the rising demand of separating the path of legal practice and legal academia. The practice of this center strives to provide an excellent academic community for scholars and students who devote into labor law area and to elevate the development of labor law scholarship.

Organization and Members

The Center for Labor and Employment Law involves both the full-time and part-time faculties of the department of law. The center director will be elected from the participating full-time faculties, and he/she will be in charge of the operation of the center. A designated administrative assistant will be recruited from the graduate students.


The main focus of the center is labor law, and it breaks into two sub-areas: the individual labor law and the collective labor law. This center dedicates to spur the academia influence on legal practice through launching periodical seminars and lectures to enhance communications between scholars and students, improve labor law teaching quality, and to cultivate research motivation.


A. General mission

The general mission of the Center for Labor and Employment Law is to improve the research and teaching of labor law. To accomplish this target, the center will hold series of seminars, administer labor law research projects, archive labor law literature, and offer recommendations on labor law courses to the department of law. Furthermore, a website of the center will be launched within the department website to announce news and activities of the center and to serve as a communication spot for researchers and students. The research achievement will also be routinely published on academic journals.

B. Special mission

1. Seminar on special issue of labor law

The center will hold a seminar on special practice issues participating with scholars and legal practitioners every two months to address the current development in labor law area.

2. Labor law lecture

To equip the students with the modern trend of labor law, the center will invite experts and scholars to give lectures on specific issues such as labor law practice, the Great Justice Committee decision, or the amendment of labor law.

3. Research project

The Center for Labor and Employment Law will also accept out-of-school sponsored research project on topics such as comparing foreign legislations to offer recommendations or amendments. The motivation of this center to administer outstanding research project is to lead both the legal academia and legal practitioners to better understand the content and the boundary of labor law.

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