According to National Taipei University Law School fourth paragraph and second articles of association of the first six and research centers National Taipei University Law School organized way, proposed the establishment of cross-strait relations and Asian Legal Studies Center, National Taipei University School of Law (hereinafter referred to as the Centre).


Members of the centers by the hospital specifically for part-time teachers and outside the legal system and cross-strait relations and policy research interest of Asian countries composed of experts and scholars; elected by the hospital full-time teachers in a people-oriented director of the center, co-ordinate planning of this center business . Another graduate student hired as an assistant to assist the administration.


In recent years, Asia and the Straits exchanges and contacts between the two sides of the increasingly close, during which spawned a lot of legal and policy issues are worthy of integration of the various professional personnel, conduct relevant research. The center is intended to compare the various Asian countries and the rule of law across the Taiwan Strait, the Asian countries and mainland Taiwan-related research relevant provisions, foreign and land-related laws and regulations of Taiwan Studies, Asian countries and mainland legal development research and policy issues related to cross-strait issues research as a priority, integration of academic, practice and opinions of the relevant industry, to provide for the healthy development of all countries and cross-strait relations legal advice and knowledge platform in Asia.


(A) Basic Planning

Asian countries are promoting the rule of law and discuss cross-strait relations and research policies and teaching matters,the center will hold a series of seminars and symposia, related to Asian countries in the implementation of the rule of law and research programs and policies of cross-strait relations,and made for the hospital Asia States legal system and cross-strait relations and policy planning and recommendations related to the course.
The Centre also proposed to establish in law school web site,the activities organized by the center of this announcement, the exchange offer and the teachers and students of the Graduate garden,
and academic results are regularly published in professional journals.
(B) sub-item planning
  1. in cross-strait relations with Asian countries in the rule of law and policy related issues of academic research: Legal and cross-strait relations in the academic study of the policies of Asian countries and related issues, to explore different aspects of the problem.
  2. The proposed policy analysis for government and all sectors of reference: By analysis and cross-strait relations and the countries of Asia policy related legal issues raised, so the practical operation and governance will be more perfect.
  3. At home and abroad and the mainland academic institutions exchanges: Invite domestic and foreign and mainland-related academic institutions, conduct cooperation and exchanges with relevant countries in cross-strait relations in Asia and the speech of legal policy related issues, seminars and the like.
  4. Publishing books on Asian countries and cross-strait issues of: Publishing Asia Law and cross-strait relations and policy issues related to research books States and widely publicized.

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