According to authorizations from the Regulations for Center for International Law of National Taipei University, the Center is established.


The establishment of Center for International Law of National Taipei University is designed to achieve the goal of moving forwards globalization as one of Taiwan national policies under the backgrounds and trends of modern integral globalization phenomenon. International law is working as an important mechanism to ensure transnational legal systems maintain function properly under the situation of various conflicting of interests. A mature International law system will benefit our nationals successfully enter into global markets as well as protecting our national interests. Therefore, we hope in researching international law continuously can safeguard and provide effective guidance for our nationals.


The field of research for our Center is focus on the international law, including both public and private international law. In addition to providing advice for curriculum mapping of courses related to international law in Law School of National Taipei University, our Center also actively participates in the national policy-making process, in goal of enabling our Center transform as an international law research base. Moreover, our Center will often arrange both international and national academic conferences and invite specialist scholars from global, and construct database and internet networks for collecting research materials. The purpose is to enable our Center to become a core institute in academic cooperation and exchange center of research materials, in order to strengthen the impacts from legal research to legal practices sphere.


The members of our Center include professors and adjunct professors as well as specialists or scholars specialized in international law. Director of our Center shall be elected from among the professors of Law School of National Taipei University. The director shall administer the operations of our Center and instruct assistant of the Center to implement related activities.

Scheduled Scheme

A. Basic Scheme

In order to promote the researching and teaching activities of International law, our Center will hold academic conferences and execute international law related programs, also provide advice for curriculum mapping of courses related to international law in Law School of National Taipei University.

B. Separate Scheme

1. Researching legal problems from global and mainland china.

2. Providing policies analysis for government and related institute.

3. Participating in academic cooperation with research institute both international and national.

4. Publishing books and publications concerning legal problems of global and mainland china.

5. Holding academic conferences.

6. Executing research proposals from government and private institutes.


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