1. History

The Center for Criminal Law Studies affiliates with the Department of Law at the National Taipei University. It was established under the “National Taipei University Rules of Establishing Legal Studies Centers of Department of Law.”

2. Purpose

The Center for Criminal Law Studies, focus on criminal substantive law and procedural law and related issues. The practice of this center strives to provide an excellent academic community for scholars and students who devote into criminal law area and to elevate the development of criminal law scholarship.

3. Organization and Members

The Center for Criminal Law Studies consists of the full-time faculties in criminal substantive law and criminal procedural law of the department of law. The center director will be elected from the Members, and he/she will be in charge of the operation of the center.

4. Goal

The main focus of the center is Criminal Law, and it breaks into two sub-areas: the criminal substantive law and the criminal procedural law. This center dedicates to spur the academia influence on legal practice through launching periodical seminars and lectures to enhance communications between scholars and students, improve criminal law teaching quality, and to cultivate research motivation.

5. Missions

The general mission of the Center for Criminal Law Studies is to improve the research and teaching of criminal law. To accomplish this target, the center will hold series of seminars, criminal law research projects, archive criminal law literature. Furthermore, the center offer recommendations on criminal law courses to the department of law.


(A) Basic Planning

Asian countries are promoting the rule of law and discuss cross-strait relations and research policies and teaching matters, the center will hold a series of seminars and symposia, related to Asian countries in the implementation of the rule of law and research programs and policies of cross-strait relations, and made for the hospital Asia States legal system and cross-strait relations and policy planning and recommendations related to the course.
The Centre also proposed to establish in law school web site, the activities organized by the center of this announcement, the exchange offer and the teachers and students of the Graduate garden,
and academic results are regularly published in professional journals.
(B) sub-item planning
  1. in cross-strait relations with Asian countries in the rule of law and policy related issues of academic research: Legal and cross-strait relations in the academic study of the policies of Asian countries and related issues, to explore different aspects of the problem.
  2. The proposed policy analysis for government and all sectors of reference: By analysis and cross-strait relations and the countries of Asia policy related legal issues raised, so the practical operation and governance will be more perfect.
  3. At home and abroad and the mainland academic institutions exchanges: Invite domestic and foreign and mainland-related academic institutions, conduct cooperation and exchanges with relevant countries in cross-strait relations in Asia and the speech of legal policy related issues, seminars and the like.
  4. Publishing books on Asian countries and cross-strait issues of: Publishing Asia Law and cross-strait relations and policy issues related to research books States and widely publicized.

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