The Public Law Center affiliates with the College of Law at the National Taipei University. It was established under the “National Taipei University Rules of Establishing Legal Studies Centers of Department of Law.”


The Public Law Center continues a long tradition of scholarship on issues of constitutional law, administrative law, and many specific regulatory fields of great importance. It focuses in particular on human rights, the separation of powers, government organizations, the balancing of authority between central and local governments, public policymaking, administrative procedures, administrative remedies, and judicial interpretation. The purpose of this center is to enhance teaching achievements, advance its influence on society by supportive or critical research outcome, and promote public discussion and understanding of the interaction between public law and the real world.

Organization and Members

This center is composed of full time faculty and one student assistant. Faculty members of this center include the Dean of College of Law, Prof. Chun-Sheng Chen, Prof. Tsi-Yang Chen, Prof. Wun-Yu Chang, Prof. Chao-Chun Lin, Associate Prof. Ai-Er Chen, Associate Prof. Hsiao-Wei Kuan, Associate Prof. Ching-Hui Chen , Associate Prof. Ming-Hui Huang, Assistant Prof. Donatien Huei-Tung Chang, and the current director of this center, Assistant Prof. Ren-Chuan Kevin Kao.


This center aims to be one of the foremost organizations on public law teaching and reaching in the intellectual communities of Taiwan. Through the collaboration by faculty and students, we contribute to create an academic atmosphere for a comprehensive knowledge inquiry of fairness, justice and truth. We expand flexibility about course planning to fulfill respect for plural values, and to pursue the legal necessity complying with the social transition. We integrate different disciplines by holding conferences, workshops and seminars. To ascertain issues related to the cutting-edge of trends, we commit to boundary-pushing work, illuminate new approaches, and offer feasible legal solutions for bridging a knowledge network among policy makers and scholars.


In November of 2018, this center held the International Symposium on ”Climate Change, Environmental Protection, and Energy Security—A Global Challenge and Legal Responses from East Asia”. It was a great pleasure for us to invite almost 20 distinguished scholars from 9 countries. We achieved a successful accomplishment through this fruitful academic exchange. During the spring semester of 2019, we plan to hold several speeches focused on issues including a rapidly shrinking and aging population, immigration law, the economic development and legal institutions of Southeast Asia, the big data and AI. To strengthen the dialogue between faculty and students, we will initiate a workshop sharing ideas about our current research outcome. Before the end of this June, we will organize a domestic conference to explore the past, present, and future of public law.


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