Under the “National Taipei University Rules of Establishing Legal Studies Centers of Department of Law.”, National Taipei University Department of Law established Center for Financial and Economic Law Studies (hereinafter referred to as the Centre).


The research of the Centre includes Securities and Exchange Act., Company Act., Maritime Act., Insurance Act., Negotiable Instruments Act., Fair Trade Act., Patent Act., Trademark Act., Copyright Act., and other related laws. Furthermore, the establishment of research projects has made the Centre a vital research center of financial law, and the Centre also makes itself a first class academic base by setting up new curriculums. Last, by participating in the formulation of national research and development plans, hosting financial and national academic conferences, inviting domestic and foreign scholars to visit, establishing library catalogs and databases etc., the Centre has become a place for academic and information exchanges where being huge influential in the development of the practice.


In view of increasing global business activities, the fields of finance, economy, and law are gradually becoming closely related. Under prospering business activities, financial law actually plays an important role in ensuring the security and stability of the overall business activity. Therefore, it is important not only to study Finance, Economy, Monetary, Business Administration, and International Business, but also to acquire all kinds of knowledge to meet the demand of modern society on financial law.

Organization and Members

Members of the centers by the hospital specifically for part-time teachers and outside the legal system and cross-strait relations and policy research interest of Asian countries composed of experts and scholars; elected by the hospital full-time teachers in a people-oriented director of the center, coordinate planning of this center business. Another graduate student hired as an assistant to assist the administration.

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