Under the “National Taipei University Rules of Establishing Legal Studies Centers of Department of Law.”, National Taipei University Department of Law established Center for Financial and Economic Law Studies.

Areas and Missions

The main research area of the Center includes corporate and financial law, insurance and other business law, intellectual property law and competition law (antitrust and unfair competition).

The members of the Center are dedicated to:

  1. Facilitate and encourage the research in the field.
  2. Develop collaborative domestic and international research networks among universities, colleges and research institutions.
  3. Foster interdisciplinary research projects with external parties.
  4. Develop policy proposals for the public and private sectors.
  5. Host academic conferences and workshops for the exchange of insights and ideas.


In view of increasing global business activities, the fields of finance, economy, and law are gradually becoming closely related. Under prospering business activities, financial law actually plays an important role in ensuring the security and stability of the overall business activity. Therefore, it is important not only to study Finance, Economy, Monetary, Business Administration, and International Business, but also to acquire all kinds of knowledge to meet the demand of modern society on financial law.

Organization and Members

Members of the Center include Visiting Chair Professor and several full-time faculty members who are specialize in the field of corporate and financial law, business law, intellectual property law and competition law, etc. One graduate student is hired as an assistant to assist the administrative matters of the Center.

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