The Center for Fundamental Legal Studies affiliates with the Department of Law at the National Taipei University. It was established under the “National Taipei University Rule of Establishing Legal Studies Centers of Department of Law.”



Center for Fundamental Legal Studies (herein after as “CFLS”) is a collaborative faculty effort to conduct researches in various fields of fundamental legal studies, including legal philosophy, Economics of Law, Law and Society Studies, Feminist Legal Theories and Legal Methodology. CHLS also develops and coordinates curriculum of fundamental legal studies for basic and upper class courses as well as seminars in the graduate program.  In addition to holding workshops and conferences, CHLS constantly invites scholars around the globe to share reflective and cutting-edge researches on a rich array of topics in its symposium.

Organization and Members


Professor Hsin-Ti Chang is the Director of the Department of Law from 2018-2019 and an expert on Corporate Law and Economics of Law. Professor Chin-Fa You is an expert on Civil Law and Legal Methodology. Professor Yu-An Hsu is an expert on Criminal Law and Legal Philosophy. Professor Chun-Sheng Chen, who is an expert on Environmental Law and Energy Law, served as the Justice from 2008-2016 in the Judicial Yuan, and as the Vice President of NTPU from 2018-2019. Associate Professor Hsiao-Wei Kuan specializes in Human Rights Law, Feminist Legal Theories, Law and Society Studies. Assistant Professor Ching-Hui Chen specializes in International Law and Legal Ethics. Assistant Professor Bo-Shone Fu specializes in Law and Society Studies and Labor Law.



In order to make the public and law students more aware of the importance of fundamental legal studies, CHLS has established and maintained its own Facebook fan page, Musée, providing information on speeches, symposiums and conferences on a wide range of topics. CHLS has become a pioneer among law schools in Taiwan since it held “the Research Camp on Fundamental Legal Studies” in May of 2017. The research camp will be hold annually for students from both NTPU and other schools; it will offers courses and provide prizes for winners in the debate competition which purports to train undergraduate participants to analyze issues and think critically.

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