The Center for Fundamental Legal Studies affiliates with the Department of Law at the National Taipei University. It was established under the “National Taipei University Rule of Establishing Legal Studies Centers of Department of Law.”

Organization and Members

Faculty members working with our research center are:

Professor Hsin-Ti Chang: She is a specialist in Corporate Law and Law and economics.

Professor Chin-Fa You: His research interests include Civil Law, Consumer Protection Law and legal methodology.

Professor Yu-An Hsu: He is an expert in Criminal Law and legal philosophy.

Associate Professor Hsiao-Wei Kuan: She specializes in human rights law, feminist legal theories and law and society studies.

Assistant Professor Bo-Shone Fu: His research focuses on law and society studies and Labor Law.

Assistant Professor Yi-chen Lo: She studies law and logic, general legal theory and comparative law. She has been the head of the center since 2021.


Center for Fundamental Legal Studies (hereinafter as “CFLS”) is a collaborative faculty effort to conduct researches in various fields of fundamental legal studies, including legal philosophy, Economics of Law, Law and Society Studies, Feminist Legal Theories and Legal Methodology. CFLS also develops and coordinates curriculum of fundamental legal studies for basic and upper class courses as well as seminars in the graduate program.  In addition to holding workshops and conferences, CFLS constantly invites scholars around the globe to share reflective and cutting-edge researches on a rich array of topics in its symposium.


CFLS runs a webpage called Musée on social media to connect with the public and people of interest. The webpage offers information about up-coming events held by CFLS, and other events related to our fields of interest. The webpage is established to raise awareness of the impact and importance of fundamental legal studies. In May, 2017, CFLS held the first “Research Camp on Fundamental Legal Studies” in Taiwan. Since 2019, we have organized “Musée Conference for Graduate Students" every year to encourage academic writing and have become a critical platform to facilitate conversations for both graduate students and faculty members.


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